2013 New Year New Start!

Lot’s of exiting projects in mind right now. I am planning on being more organised with our shopping budget and planning our evening meals in advance. I would like to buy in bulk and also prepare in bulk to save time and money. I love the idea I found about a freezer crock pot cooking day! This is going to be my challenge.
I am going to work out recipes       Slimming World friendly of course! Then create my shopping list and have a whole day dedicated to preparing the meals to be put in the freezer ready for making meal times easier and hopefully cheaper. When I am tempted to get take away I will have no excuse!


As 2012 draws to a close I am looking forward to a fresh start, with many new outlooks on my life.

Firstly I want to continue in my journey of faith and become a woman after God’s own heart.

I want my life to become all that God has planned for me & my family. This means that I have the following few goals in mind at this time, but I am sure I will add to these as the days go on!

  • To re-read the book ‘A Woman After Gods Own Heart’
  • To have a daily quiet  time to focus on my life
  • Organize our home
  • Plan meals and stick to my weight loss plan
  • Help my boys strive to be all they can for The Lord
  • Help my husband be all that he can be for the Lord

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